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Creation of toy libraries begins with conversations between Traveling Toys, Inc., and the local library. Traveling Toys partners with the library to identify sources of grant funding and writes the grant applications. Following successful receipt of the grant award, Traveling Toys, Inc. collaborates with the library to implement the program.












Playing with Animals
Family Board Game

Upon receiving the grant, Traveling Toys, Inc. will transfer the grant money to the library. The library will purchase and own all the toys and containers required to set up the toy library. The project will take approximately six months to implement. The children’s librarian, teens' librarian and Traveling Toys, Inc. will collaborate to establish the physical presence of the library. Traveling Toys, Inc. will periodically to audit the inventory and toy circulation to determine the success of the lending program.


The children’s librarian will manage the day-to-day operations of the toy library. The toys and games can be played with in the library or checked out for three weeks. Traveling Toys will periodically audit the inventory and toy usage. The library will record the identity and numbers of the toys in circulation. By monitoring the inventory, we will determine the popularity of each toy and adjust for future needs. The success of the project will be evaluated by observing the number of toys distributed, number of children and teens using the toy library, and by recording the growth of the program by assessing new participants monthly. Increased popularity of the toy library would require reinvestment in additional toys and materials. We would meet this need by identifying additional grant funding and fundraising activities.

Grant Writing



"One of the most important things about being a child is that you can take time to learn to play well." - Fred Rogers

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